The Best Restaurants in Rome Recommended by a Roman!

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Ah la la dolce vita … Here you are in Rome, the eternal city known for its ancient monuments, Vespa, Italian sulphurous but also (especially!) For its gastronomy that one can taste in the many restaurants in Rome.

Pasta, pizza, gelati , gnocchi … the Italian cuisine is tasty and generous, elaborated with simple and fresh products, it will satisfy the most greedy!

But in Rome as in all the capitals, pay attention to the restaurants catcher-tourists where the note will be salted and the food of less good quality. Do not be fooled here are the top 10 restaurants to eat in Rome, all recommended by our Italian expert:

To eat a Gelato (ice cream)

Good news, did you know that gelati , the traditional Italian ice creams are less caloric than ice creams? So no question of depriving yourself!

Best restaurant in Rome ice

If yo/

To experience a real Italian coffee experience, go to the Antico Caffè Greco, a very chic café, and very Italian (of course!). The building has private club airs, with a decoration worthy of the most beautiful palaces of the Renaissance.

Try the cappuccino, with a real foam so thick that the sugar takes a few seconds before falling to the bottom of the cup. Here is the dolce vita!

For a ‘panino’ on the go

The panino is the Italian sandwich. Be careful not to confuse it with panini which is a toasted French sandwich! The panino is a cold sandwich made from bread ciabatta and topped with Italian ham, lettuce, tomato and cheese.

Best restaurant in Rome panino

As in France, the sandwich is a popular option for a quick and economical lunch. But we do not go every day in Rome, so as to eat a sandwich as much to make a leap to the Duecento Gradi , a sandwicherie that combines tradition and invention.

With more than 60 à la carte sandwiches made with fresh products to order and the possibility of creating yours you will inevitably find your happiness in this luxury sandwich shop. In addition to their site you can even take a test to know which ‘ panino’ is for you!

For a gourmet Tiramisù

Did you know that ‘tiramisù’ literally means ‘to give me strength’? Now you have a real good excuse because after all this walking and these visits, you really need to regain strength!

Best restaurant in Rome tiramisu

But where to find the best tiramisu of Rome? At Pompi ! Pompi is a restaurant in Rome that has existed since 1960 and has become the benchmark in tiramisu. There is something for every taste: classic chocolate, strawberry, banana / chocolate, pistachio, hazelnut and even icy! To taste on the Piazza Di Spagna, a few meters from the shop!

To eat local in the trendy Trastevere area

Trastevere est sans conteste LE quartier branché de Rome. Vous allez adorer flâner dans les rues colorés et indéniablement « bobo » de ce quartier. Ici pas de monuments imposants mais des petites boutiques, des artisans, du linge suspendu aux fenêtres, des rues pavées et surtout des trattorias de cuisine traditionnelle romaine. C’est Rome comme on la voit dans les vieux films : authentique et pittoresque, simple et chaleureuse.

Best restaurant in Rome Trastevere

Stop for a real pasta dish at the Osteria Da Zi Umberto , a typical Roman restaurant, filled with locals. Do not be fooled by the looks: the place does not pay to look but the food is incredible, simple but gourmet and you will enjoy a real Italian service! Do not forget to book this restaurant in Rome is very popular with locals and tourists.

For the aperitivo

The aperitivo in Italy, it is the hour of the aperitif. But here not pastis accompanied by olives and peanuts. We prefer good wine or cocktails accompanied by a gigantic buffet (often at will) arranged on the bar counter.

Pizzas, pasta salads, brushettes, mozza tomatoes, cheese … there is so much to eat that you can skip the meal! But honestly it would be a shame with all these incredible restaurants to test in Rome!

2 addresses of restaurants unavoidable for a true aperitvo to the Roman:

The Doppiuo Zero is a charming wine bar frequented almost exclusively by Italians. It is the place where the locals meet after a day’s work to enjoy the aperitvo. Their buffet is reputed to be one of the most varied of Rome!

Best restaurant in bar wine bar

The Bistro Como is a real little neighborhood bar, very authentic where the food is fabulous. The bistro has a very nice selection of artisan beers and a list of well-stocked wine that will perfectly accompany your brushette, pizzas and pasta. The little extra? There is often live music during the aperitivo!

Best restaurant in Rome bar

For a little sweetness

It is true that in France we are the kings of pastry but our Italian neighbors are not left behind! Amaretti, biscotti, tiramisu and panetone are well worth our croissants, macaroons and chocolate lightnings!

Best restaurant in Rome patisserie

Then for a gourmet break take a look at the Dolce Maniera pastry shop . Their showcases are filled with Viennese pastries, pies, chocolates and cakes all more greedy than the others! Do not forget to bring it back to your loved ones.

For a pizza

How about Italian cuisine and restaurants in Rome without mentioning the pizza ?! The real Italian pizza with mozza, fresh tomatoes, a fine, crispy, handmade pasta that has risen several hours before being cooked over a wood fire … well you see what I’m talking about?

Best restaurant in Rome pizza

The Grail of the pizza you can find it at the restaurant Al Giardino Del Gatto and the Volpe . Located in a quiet street close to the Vatican, this restaurant is renowned among Italians. The pizzas are prepared with fresh ingredients of first quality, well stocked, a paste as airy as we like, in short happiness! The icing on the cake, (or rather the olive on the pizza)? The value for money is excellent in this roman restaurant!

I’m sure this article has made you salivate … All you have to do is plan your stay and book your hostel to eat in the best restaurants in Rome!

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