Restaurants Where to Eat Good and Healthy in Paris


We all want, one day or another, of sweet, beneficent, invigorating foods. Address book to combine good and healthy.


The place. The healthy canteen on the Grands Boulevards, the favorite address of organic addicts, changed hands without making a noise. Of course, we had noticed that the site had not moved since 2010, but the transition was smooth, without brusqueness neither walls nor map. White and clean frame, brightened with tablots, connection with the proposed foods.

Cheers. Market cuisine by a chef who has gone through the beautiful houses (George-V, Hermé), who keeps coming out of the freshest dishes of the day: filet of place salad vitality, cream caramel (to be dropped! Delicious hamburgers, carrot cakes and fresh juice mixes minute.

Bravo. The take-away counter right next door (at 8), the lovely welcome, the brunch nickel.

Pity. No service at night.

Supernature, 12, rue de Treviso, ninth. Tel: 01 47 70 21 03. Every lunchtime sf Sat. Closed in the evening. Map: approx. 25 €. Brunch on Sun at 20 €.

Canteen Thanks

The place. Located in the basement of the concept-store ethics of Marie-France Cohen, hipsters, families and onlookers looking for furniture, clothes and trinkets chic and solidarity, canteen squatte beside lamps, utensils And garden, with its tables lacquered black, its large windows loft spirit, its industrial lampposts and its view on the vegetable garden.

Cheers. The organic vegetable, pampered in six excellent salads (red apple-cabbage, celery-mushrooms ??), smart tart (green vegetables) and velvety (potimarron) alongside the “Merci plate” (steam bar and wheat with thyme) Mixed fruit juices. Cracking for “light” cheesecake for dessert, is it healthy? Yes of course!

Bravo. The sublimated crudity, the spring scenery, the crumble apples-raspberries.

Pity. The passage, the noise.

Canteen Thank you, 111, boulevard Beaumarchais, IIIe. Tel: 01 42 77 78 92. Tlj sf Sun from 10 am to 6 pm (from 12 pm to 3 pm). Map: approx. 20 €.


Noglu, a new restaurant dedicated to people intolerant to gluten.Noglu, a new restaurant dedicated to people intolerant to gluten.Photo credits: photo credit François Xavier Laurent

The place. Decidedly, it moves in this passage already known to the foodistas ( Racines , Passage 53 , Coinstot Vino ) which seems the fertile nest of new concepts. So, after the Gyoza bar and its Japanese mouthfuls, here is this restaurant dedicated to people intolerant to gluten (Noglu, abbreviated no gluten). It is very small, with a counter corner facing the kitchens on the ground floor, and a more intimate room on the first floor.

Cheers. One could fear the nutritionist side a little rough, way “we must eat to live”, it is not. To the joysticks, a very pro duo, that of a Japanese chef, trained especially at Bristol, and an American pastry chef, loaded with all gluten-free sweets. Grilled mackerel eggplant caviar, duck breast and rutabaga gratin, caramelized pineapple cake ??: dishes pulsate, desserts ensure!

Bravo. The opening recently two evenings a week, this culinary niche “public utility”.

Pity. The smallness of the premises makes the address necessarily confidential.

Noglu , 16, passage of the Panoramas, IIe. Tel .: 01 40 26 41 24. From Mon. to Fri. to the breakfast. And the game and Fri. Closed on Sun Brunch on Sat from 11 am to 3 pm. Formula: at 23 € (lunch). Brunch at 24 and 29 € .Card: approx. 30-40 €.


The place. Kaori Endo’s smart bentos are now enjoyed in three stopovers: Charlot Street, Bonpoint’s and always here, the first of the three addresses of this micro-empire in Franco-Japanese cuisine. Relaxed atmosphere in the immense room in the canto pop-indus style, between colorful shades and apparent ventilation system. From the benevolent scruple.

Cheers. Three bentos to choose from every day: meat, fish and, for those who do not really allow themselves any deviation, vegetarian. Recipes regularly vary around these three axes between veal with lemon grass, fillet of hake and salicornes or tofu and aubergines. In solo mode, chirashi salmon also makes it (raw fish on vinegared rice).

Bravo. Excellent desserts, fresh juices, take away.

Pity. Not that cheap, if you’re very hungry.

Nanashi, 31, rue de Paradis, Xe. 01 40 22 05 55. Tlj. Formula: bento at 13 € .Card: approx. 20 €.

Helmut Newcake

The place. The first gluten-free patisserie in France welcomes allergy sufferers (but not that) in a bright New York apartment, with stone walls, light wooden floors, Glass table, host table and comfort sofa.

Cheers. It’s Marie, pastry chef intolerant to the gluten who prepares lightnings, financiers, lemon tarts, cream puffs and other sweets, replacing wheat flour with buckwheat, chestnut ?? For lunch, they serve soups (carrot-coriander), quiches (artichokes-piquillos-ham of parma) and risottos (mushrooms-edamames) of the day.

Bravo. The full brunch, the grocery corner organic and gluten-free, the sale of take-away cakes.

Pity. The pancakes a dry hair.

Helmut Newcake , 36, rue Bichat, Xe. Tel: 09 82 59 00 39. Tlj sf Mon and Tue, from 12 pm to 8 pm. Sun from 10 am to 6 pm.Card: approx. 10-15 €. Brunch on Sun at 24 €.


The place. This fashionable and receptive enclave receives stoically a clientele extracted from the luxurious canyon of the Rue Saint-Honoré. This fragile welcome, however, has its moods. If the room is quickly sound under the assault of some speakers, the place remains very frequentable.

Cheers. The foods are supple and think only along your line with essentially organic products (flour, vegetables, bread, eggs, pasta, rice ??). There are no untimely assaults (you have to go to the mother house, Cibus, rue Molière): burrata and Parma ham, artichoke and fennel salad, parmesan cheese, aubergine millefeuille and potimarron, spaghetti with clams, Liguine with squid, tomato and olives.

Bravo. Foods soothed and worried about your stomach.

Pity. Sinusoidal reception.

Crudus, 21, rue Saint-Roch, Ier. Tel: 01 42 60 90 29. Tlj sf Sat noon and Sun Formula: at 25 € (lunch). Menu at 32 € (lunch). Map: approx. 50 €.

Restaurant of Sers

The place. In the very smart hotel of Sers, at the end of the Gallery of portraits, a comfortable space with accents neoclassic boudoir and tones wood, raspberry and cream. Not bad to coo in lovebirds but also, obviously, to stall business meetings or solo hide out.

Cheers. Chef Christophe Hay focuses all his cuisine on the healthy (products, as organic as beautiful) and the good. For the control hysterics, the caloric intakes are even annotated next to certain dishes. Only 106 calories, for example, for a lovely sea-land entry: langoustines and sweetbreads poached with coconut milk. And only 112 for the small spring rolls with vegetables, with a Thai soy milk sauce.

Bravo. The prices are very decent considering the range of the establishment.

Pity. Asparagus, moderately seasonal, with langoustines.

Restaurant of Sers, 41, avenue Pierre-Ier-de-Serbie, 8th. Tel .: 01 53 23 75 75. Tlj.Formule: 39 € (lunch). Menu: 57 €. Map: approx. 70-80 €.

The Oyster Bar

One of the specialties of the Oyster Bar is the great crus of oysters sold by the unit.One of the specialties of the Oyster Bar is the great crus of oysters sold by the unit. Photo credits: Sébastien SORIANO / Le Figaro

The place. These four establishments dedicated to shellfish, fish and crustaceans, taken over by Garry Dorr in 2010, have returned to fishing. And a high-end positioning, both in their luxurious brasserie decorations and in their products: nothing less than “ne plus ultra marin”.

Cheers. Low calorie, stuffed with trace elements, we will not make you the article about seafood. Here, one of the house specialties are the great crus of oysters sold by the unit, some of which Rarities such as the pied-de-cheval, the Tarbouriech or the Corsican special. One can therefore compose his tray freely and only tick his favorites. Another way to enjoy yourself while staying in the diet nails: fish from the fishpond. The turbot of Noirmoutier whole and just grilled (54 € / pers.), We validate!

Bravo. The refinement of details (bread, olive oil, salt, water), orders on iPad, top quality tip products.

Pity. Quality and rarity have a price.

Le Bar à Huîtres, 39, boulevard Beaumarchais, IIIe. Tel .: 01 48 87 98 92. Tlj. Formula: at 26 € (lunch). Menus from 39 €. Trays from 49 €. Map: from 40 € and up to much more. And 3 other addresses in Paris on

Rose Bakery

The place. The most bobo French-English tea and grocery store in Paris, dedicated to organic food, looks like a ground floor corridor, the first part of which will be devoted to take-away (primeurs, dishes, pastries) , The second to restoration. Remains that such voluntarism in the absence of comfort and warmth touches the fierceness! Touch-key tables, concrete, raw lights and, to make it bigger, small wall-hanging panels indicating “attention, condensation”!

Cheers. Cuisine as cash as the decor and there is a very good point! Plate of vegetables, tart and salad of the day, organic smoked salmon scrambled eggs, cakes are part of the fundamentals with some rotating proposals (very good monkfish with coriander and ginger, rice pilaf that day).

Bravo. The simple and good dishes, the successful seasonings, the card of teas.

Pity. The tariff of fresh juices (6,50 €), the volume, the smile (often) subscribers absent.

Rose Bakery, 46, rue des Martyrs, ninth. Tel: 01 42 82 12 80. Tlj sf Mon 9 am to 4 pm. Map: approx. 25-35 €.

Colette Water Bar

The place. You can not see it from the street, the water bar nestles in the basement of the concept store. Not the sexiest place in the shop, in its kind noisy and windowless but canteen (but still) the fashion address of the beautiful people who watch their calories.

Cheers. The menu seems to be increasingly veggie over the years (11 proposals of entrees and dishes, all the same) and it is rather successful. Pasta gratin, tomatoes, mozza and basil, Kluger grilled vegetable pie, four-cheese ravioli, even if cheeseburger and coleslaw, sweet potato chicken or club sandwich always keep the road.

Bravo. Hugo & Victor or Jean-Paul Hévin, the water map with its 70 references.

Pity. We have the right to be allergic to this kind of place!

Colette Water Bar , 213, rue Saint-Honore, Ier. Tel: 01 55 35 33 90. Tlj sf Sun until 7 pm. Map: approx. 25-35 €.

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