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benefits of Botox

To have a beautiful look with flawless skin is the dream of every woman. Having an appealing look not only makes a person outstanding but also boosts confidence. In cosmetic world there are number of cosmetics available to enhance the beauty of their consumers. But after certain age one can observe small lines called as ‘crow’s feet’ near the eyes. The fine lines and wrinkles appear on the face due to regular muscle movement that occurs due to different face expressions. There are several creams and treatments to treat the facial wrinkles and fine lines but sometimes they may not yield fruitful result and some treatments may not be affordable for many people. As a solution to such problems and give a flawless skin a new injectable agent has been introduced by the cosmetic surgeons known as ‘Botox’.

Due to its muscle relaxing properties Botox is used to treat the wrinkles and fine lines of the face and gives a smooth skin for a period of time. It is used to treat medical conditions like muscle spasticity where Botox is used to treat the disorders caused by overactive muscles of limbs, spasms of head and neck, vocal cords and jaw. This is even used to treat the overactive bladder. The benefits of Botox usage includes the treatment of other muscle disorders such as strabismus caused by imbalances in the action of muscles that helps the eyes to rotate that pulls too strong or pulls against each other due to the weakness caused due to any disease. To strengthen such muscles a Botox injection is given to the patient thus helps to recover the muscles from weakness. It is used in case of treating chronic migraine. Not only for the treatment of muscle disorders but also a Botox is used to treat hyperactive nerves which causes hyperhidrosis in general termed as excessive sweating condition. The person who is suffering from hyperhidrosis have an excessive sweating in typical regions like palms, underarms, face, soles and scalp and in rare cases they suffer from night sweating i.e. they even sweat during sleep. It is also used in the treatment of neuropathic pain which caused due to spinal cord injury or nutritional deficiencies or by other factors, this pain causes burning or numbness and itching sensations which can be soothed by the relaxing properties of Botox. The Botox also plays a vital role in treating the enlarged prostate glands condition in men. Here Botox is directly injected to the prostate gland and it helps to cure problems like urinary tract infection and frequent urination by reducing the size of prostate gland and improves the flow of urine.

Even the jaw tensions that occur due to severe tension headaches and teeth grinding can be eased by injecting Botox as its relaxes the muscles near the joint of skull and jaw by making the muscles unable to engage in the movement of jaws that causes the pain and headache. Even chronic pains that last a long time can also be treated using Botox for a period of time. Therefore with help of a Botox injection one can get a smooth flawless skin along with good health.

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