Loose Leaf Tea and Its Benefits

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Loose leaf tea is widely becoming popular in the tea culture for many health benefits it offers. Nowadays, a vast variety of herbal teas can be found at department and online stores, that boast cure for certain diseases. Often, people have a common question regarding the benefits of drinking loose leaf tea and how it promotes better health. Therefore, this forms our topic for discussion, as to how incorporating drinking the right tea can offer several advantages.

Advantages of Drinking Long Leaf Tea:

According to scientific and medical research, using long leaf tea as a part of your daily diet offers several health advantages. Some of its most recognized benefits are listed as follows:

  • Stress relief: Today, stress can be observed at very high levels amongst people, due to some factors like health, financial, or other societal factors. Drinking long leaf tea helps in relaxing nerve cells both naturally and safely, hence promoting stress relief. This forms the main health benefit of long leaf tea when consumed on a regular basis.
  • Adding real plants: A major benefit of opting to drink loose leaf tea over tea bags is that it adds some actual plants into your food. It is said that some useful components in tea are insoluble in water, and thus ingesting its leaves can prove beneficial. This is particularly significant with teas like Sencha, a Japanese green tea, wherein real leaf adds into your cup of tea. In fact, the country is known to be a consumer of fresh Gyokuro leaves, i.e., green tea in shredded form, particularly upon brewing. Brewed tea leaves are known to be enriched in Vitamin A and Vitamin E, along with proteins. Bonus: they are very delicious. You can enjoy the brewed leaf like a salad or a side dish with rice.
  • Helps in weight loss: People are prone to weight gain due to various unhealthy practices in their daily lifestyle. However, long leaf tea works like a fighting agent towards burning fat cells naturally by hampering such accumulation in the body. This has made long leaf tea one of the most highly recommended natural cleanser by health and fitness experts around the world.
  • Aids in anti-ageing: Consumption of certain herbal long leaf teas are also known to provide wonderful anti-ageing aids.
  • Improves oral health: Along with relieving stress, loose leaf teas are very popular in supporting oral health improvements. It prevents the onset of tooth decay, fights germ build up and has particularly no side effects on the user.
  • Improves bone health: Another advantage of drinking loose leaf tea is that it improves bone health and enhances the prevention of health issues like Osteoporosis.

How to Drink Tea the Right Way:It is vital to drink tea the right way to achieve all its health benefits. For this, one must make it a habit of drinking long leaf green tea twice every day. It can be consumed along with any other medication as well.

How to Choose the Best Long Leaf Tea:

Health benefits of long leaf tea have been recognized all across the world and saw a drastic increase in its production recently. Hence, you can now find various types of herbal long leaf tea from supermarkets, that has in turn made choosing the best one a cumbersome task. Here are a few points that can assist you while buy loose tea online:

  • Always rely on the best brands in the market while choosing long leaf tea.
  • Various online portals and a little online research can guide you to pick the best and most recommended product in the store.
  • Many online fitness professionals and experts may also offer to help, based on your requirement and recommend the right tea for you.
  • Look for the right ingredients. Long leaf tea has certain elements that serve greater benefits. Leaves made out of Camellia Sinensis fight stress and aging cells. Polyphenols and catechises present in long leaf tea prevent the occurrence of a free radical mechanism.
  • Furthermore, the most important feature one must look for in long-leaf tea is Minimal oxidation. Tea induced with antioxidants is very useful in combating cancer cells and ensures excellent health results with no side effects.
  • Chamomile, lemon, lavender and tulsi are some of the most tropical types of herbal long left tea found on the market today.

“It’s not just about the foods; it’s about what you drink, as well, that can contribute to your health,” says a Tufts University scientist and nutritionist, Diane L. McKay, Ph.D.

So the next time you make yourself a cup of tea, make sure it is not only a perfect brew but is also the right one for you.

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