How To Eat In A Gourmet Restaurant At A Lower Cost

Gourmet Restaurant

A genuine showcase of French know-how, gourmet restaurants are very popular and often very expensive. Do you want to have lunch or dinner at one of these restaurants, at a price as light and fine as the presentation of dishes? Here are some ideas that could put you in the mouth.

The good plan: school restaurants

The 200 secondary schools, which are under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, and the schools under the supervision of a chamber of commerce and industry (ICC), have restaurants where students can practice. In reality, each school has two restaurants open to the public: the bistro and the gourmet . The menu varies every day , and the dishes presented are always refined. The price is affordable: a lunch costs between 18 and 20 euros, and a dinner maximum 45 euros . The wine is to be paid for at extra cost, but it is charged without margin, allowing you to taste the wonders of a gourmet restaurant for four or five times cheaper than in a star establishment.

Remember to book

There are hotel school restaurants throughout France. These restaurants usually have about 50 seats, which requires reserving your seat well in advance . You must count between 15 days and 3 months of waiting. Moreover, these restaurants do not open every day of the year. They are closed on public holidays, weekends and school holidays. The good idea is to browse the Internet to discover the menus offered by each school . With a little research, you will find on Facebook or Instagram photos of dishes, a good taste of your future culinary experience.

Freshness and quality

The school restaurants of the greatest chefs allow you to taste dishes prepared with fresh, quality ingredients. Regional specialties are often highlighted on these tables, and freshness is a priority. Some application restaurants have their vegetables delivered daily by a nearby horticultural college, while others rely on carefully selected suppliers. Sometimes they work with hunters’ federations in order to present game of the highest quality.

Other tricks?

Eating in a gourmet restaurant without ruining yourself is also possible. The trick: getting there for lunch rather than for dinner. Indeed, it is often more expensive at night ; The price is sometimes even doubled! On -line booking allows many restaurants to offer limited time promotions to fill the rooms. Think about following these offers to seize the right opportunities . Maps such as Restopolitan allow you to earn an extra meal for each booking . If a seasonal menu is offered, do not hesitate to take it. C ‘ Is often cheaper and yet just as tasty as the other menus. Finally, if you dream to taste the dishes of a chef whom you particularly appreciate, inquire as to whether he has a bistro. The bistronomic tables allow you to taste the best kitchens at a lower price .

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