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We live in stressful times, full of hard work and constant competition. As a result, many of us are overworked and battling niggling aches and pains in the body all the time.

It has become necessary for many of us to have a pain relief system handy – we suffer from numerous aches and pains, and these can restrict movement and force us to alter our lifestyle. But you only need to pay the price of Moov cream tube to get complete relief from pain.

Why use Moov?

It is safe to say that Moov provides the best and fastest pain relief amongst all pain relief products in the market today. Moov pain relief creams/ointments and spray are composed of natural ingredients that get to work at once upon application, and they go to the root of the problem to provide long term relief.

Hence, instead of pain killer tablets and most topical creams that merely numb the pain for a while and give the illusion of relief, Moov creams and sprays actually penetrate deep into the painful tissue and address the problem at the source. Thus, the inflammation is reduced and the sore tissues are slowly restored back to health. In most cases, one application of Moov at night is sufficient for complete pain removal, and you will feel totally refreshed by the time you wake up in the morning.

Moov pain relief cream may need to be used over a few days if you have swollen muscles or joints for a while. You can use Moov spray for faster, more penetrative action for sports injuries and pain.

How to use Moov

It is better to prep the painful muscle or joint with a hot compress prior to the application of Moov. Use the hot compress to heat the painful muscles and open up the skin’s pores. This helps the cream or spray penetrate the skin faster and reach the tissues underneath.

Now take a coin-sized amount of the Moov pain relief cream and apply it gently on the painful area. Spread the cream in a thin layer over the area so that it is absorbed properly. Do not massage the area for more than a minute, and do so with light fingers – sore, inflamed muscles are already quite fragile and are susceptible to tearing if subjected to forceful massages.

Why Moov is the best option

Not only is Moov your best partner in pain relief, it is quite cost effective, too. For the price of Moov cream tube or spray, you are guaranteed quick, at-home pain relief from such conditions as inflammation, soreness, joint pain, sprains, strains, sciatica, myositis and fibrositis, among others.

Plus, Moov cream tube is quite handy – carry it in your work bag or suitcase when you are out on vacation.


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