Drop Set – Degressive Technique Technique To Gain Muscle

technique to gain muscle

Achieve better muscle growth with this  Drop Set technique – Degressive bodybuilding series. 

If you want to maximize your muscle gain , you need to work to activate every muscle fiber in every exercise series.

The Drop Set is one of the best ways to achieve this. By integrating the Drop Set into your regular program and completing it with proper nutrition, you will be able to gain the muscle mass you desire.

What is the Drop Set or degressive series in bodybuilding?

This method was discovered in 1947 by Henry Atkins.

Drop Set or degressive series is a technique where you perform a series of exercise, then you reduce the weight and continue the series without stopping until failure. 

Why the Drop Set – Degressive Series is Effective?

The reason why the Drop Set is effective is that in each series you only recruit a certain amount of muscle fibers. By reducing weight and continuing the series with a lighter weight you are recruiting more muscle fibers , which should help the muscles to achieve growth and gain a mass that could only be achieved using the same weight.

Reduce the weight by 10 to 30% and continue the series recruits fibers from the reserve .

The main objective of the Drop Set is to push the muscle to limit and stimulate the whole by adding additional stress. This additional stress induces a muscular hypertrophy and forces the muscle to gain more mass to adapt .

How to perform the Drop Set – Degrees Series?

There are many ways in which you can implement this technique in your bodybuilding program. And it can be used in exercises by dumbbells  , bars and even by machines.

To be effective, however, they are best performed with a partner that reduces weight for you.

Preferably use the Drop Set – degressive series only in the last set of the exercise so you do not get tired quickly or fall into the trap overtraining.

For example if you work your pecs with a bar to the bench press, and your maximum weight that you can lift is 30 pounds.

Do the last set of exercise in Drop Set by lifting 5 to 6 repetitions of 30 kilos then remove 10 kilos by continuing the series with 5 or 6 other repetitions of 20 kilos without resting.

Do you use the Drop Set in your bodybuilding program? If so, have you noticed better progression and muscle gain?

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