Are You Planning A Special Budget Friendly Gift As A “Thank You” Gesture?


Life is all about making good friends and well-wishers. It’s good to have a bunch of people around in good and bad times. Friends and Acquaintances form the real wealth which you earn after coming to life. Money and Gold can’t buy happiness which the friends and dear people can make you feel. If we talk about work life, we need to be balanced. Not all of us are lucky to have good working environment at office. We all feel work as a responsibility and never enjoy office hours. But…

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The Best Restaurants in Rome Recommended by a Roman!

restaurant food

Ah la la dolce vita … Here you are in Rome, the eternal city known for its ancient monuments, Vespa, Italian sulphurous but also (especially!) For its gastronomy that one can taste in the many restaurants in Rome. Pasta, pizza, gelati , gnocchi … the Italian cuisine is tasty and generous, elaborated with simple and fresh products, it will satisfy the most greedy! But in Rome as in all the capitals, pay attention to the restaurants catcher-tourists where the note will be salted and the food of less good quality….

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How To Eat In A Gourmet Restaurant At A Lower Cost

Gourmet Restaurant

A genuine showcase of French know-how, gourmet restaurants are very popular and often very expensive. Do you want to have lunch or dinner at one of these restaurants, at a price as light and fine as the presentation of dishes? Here are some ideas that could put you in the mouth. The good plan: school restaurants The 200 secondary schools, which are under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, and the schools under the supervision of a chamber of commerce and industry (ICC), have restaurants where students can practice….

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Top 5 Restaurants With A Limited Budget In New York


5 Restaurants not to miss in New York, during your trip in the big apple … Spotted Pig: The Gourmet Pub A little more expensive than the rest of the restaurants selected in this section, it nevertheless remains a sure value. We tested for you the Chargrilled Burger ($ 20) with its sauce Roquefort and fries as thin as shoelaces … a delight. Ask for the “medium” with regards to its cooking, it will melt in your mouth. Difficult to say no to their beautiful desserts, the share of lemon…

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Restaurants Where to Eat Good and Healthy in Paris


We all want, one day or another, of sweet, beneficent, invigorating foods. Address book to combine good and healthy. Supernature The place. The healthy canteen on the Grands Boulevards, the favorite address of organic addicts, changed hands without making a noise. Of course, we had noticed that the site had not moved since 2010, but the transition was smooth, without brusqueness neither walls nor map. White and clean frame, brightened with tablots, connection with the proposed foods. Cheers. Market cuisine by a chef who has gone through the beautiful houses…

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TOP: The best burgers of Paris in 2017

best burgers of Paris in 2017

The best burger in Paris is there? Not really, but we have been testing very good burgers for several years now in restaurants, fast foods, food-trucks, on events. All with tasty cheese, quality meat, fresh vegetables, Crispy fries. And then we analyzed the recipes, places, moods to update our latest ranking of the best burgers in Paris that dates from 2013. What has happened for 3 years? A new wave of opening of “specialist” burger restaurants, the development and arrival of American brand, and then leaders who have established themselves…

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