5 Benefits and Benefits of Swimming on Your Body

benefits of swimming

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise that works the entire body . It is ideal if you want to be more active and stay healthy, regardless of your age or ability.

For most people, swimming is a safe and  effective form of exercise, the blessing is that you can work your body in a pool without great impact to the bones and muscles.

5 benefits and benefits of swimming on health and body

1Improve muscle strength

If you think that swimming is purely leisure, look at the dolphins and the competitive swimmers . You’ve probably never seen a soft dolphin or an obese competitive swimmer.

Swimming is one of the best ways to increase strength, plus muscle tone.

Running also develops force, but in an air-laden environment. A swimmer forces the muscle to work in an environment that is ten times denser than the air. Every kick and kick is a resistance exercise.

Strength training is the best way to develop strength and muscle tone.

2Decrease and control your weight

Another benefit of swimming is one of the most recognized calorie burners . It is an excellent exercise to help you decrease your weight or control it only with physical activity.

It is difficult to determine how many calories you burn during your sessions; It depends on your own physiology and the intensity of your swim.

A general rule:

  • 10 minutes of intense swimming you burn up to 150 calories.
  • 10 minutes of moderate-paced swimming  burns up to 100 calories.

Work hard for short periods of time then rest yourself a few minutes.

3Increase your cardiovascular endurance and prevent chronic diseases

Heart disease is among the most common diseases . To avoid this deadly disease, you need a better cardio-vascular endurance .

The best is developed by swimming. This activity engages almost all the muscles in the body including the heart.

The perfect balance between good and bad cholesterol in the blood can be supplied with the nation by increasing HDL (good cholesterol)  and decreasing bad LDL cholesterol.

Another advantage is that swimming reduces the risk of diabetes.

4Swimming enhances flexibility, posture and balance
Flexibility is the ability to use our joints  (hands, feet, neck and back) with maximum amplitude without limitation of movement or pain.

As we age, our flexibility tends to diminish. This is mainly due to the reduction of our daily physical activity.

The advantage of swimming is a very complete exercise because in addition to working all the muscles of the body; She also works tendons and ligaments. This is vital for maintaining the tension in our tendons which supports various body movements.

5Stress Reduction

No one in the world is immune to stress and everyone needs an activity that helps them to fight this stress

When you swim joyfully in the pool you have a good time to relax and have fun but you also have the benefit of hormone release “endorphin” that help to relax your nervous system and your body.

Try to have a good time and have fun during your swimming session to enjoy its benefits and benefits

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