Drop Set – Degressive Technique Technique To Gain Muscle

technique to gain muscle

Achieve better muscle growth with this¬† Drop Set technique – Degressive bodybuilding series.¬† If you want to maximize your muscle gain , you need to work to activate every muscle fiber in every exercise series. The Drop Set is one of the best ways to achieve this. By integrating the Drop Set into your regular program and completing it with proper nutrition, you will be able to gain the muscle mass you desire. What is the Drop Set or degressive series in bodybuilding? This method was discovered in 1947 by…

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Avoiding the Factors that Trigger Asthma Attacks

trigger asthma attacks

Keeping yourself away from the factors that can trigger it is the best way to avoid an asthma attack. Whatever the particularities of their asthma, it is advised against all the asthmatics: To smoke or to frequent smoky places; Stirring up dust (sweeping, shaking carpets or sheets, etc.); Respiratory tract irritants (paints, adhesives, household products, etc.). Prevent exposure to asthmatic mites In the house, it is necessary to fight against the mites by concentrating its efforts on the bedroom. There is a dosage kit (not reimbursed) sold in pharmacies, which…

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Four Tips to Reduce his Cancer Risk in Half

Cancer Risk in Half

VIDEO – Damien Mascret, journalist with the Figaro, delivers his health advice. Harvard researchers have calculated that the risk of lung cancer death is reduced by a healthy lifestyle: no tobacco, no more than one glass of alcohol per day (two for men), one (1h15 vigorous activity per week or 2h30 moderate activity) and a body mass index not exceeding 27.5 (ie 70 Kg for 1.60 m or 80 Kg for 1.70 m).

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